The Global Education Reform Movement and Its Impact

Education is the most basic right of children all across the world. Every country in the world has a different education system. Some countries have free education sponsored by the government, and there are no private schools. Every child, be it rich or poor go through the same education system, giving the level playing field to all the children of the country to achieve their dreams. While in some countries, education is still a far-fetched dream for many children. As the world is shrinking due to technological advancements, countries are now more aware of each other’s education system.

When we check the list of countries with the best education systems in the world, Finland is mostly the most common name on the top of different lists. It may come as a surprise for many to know that a small country like Finland has a better education system than the more prominent and more influential countries. When we take a closer look at what makes the education system of Finland so effective, we find that it’s the purity of teaching, and wanting to teach genuinely.

The Global Education Reform Movement

The education system in Finland has nothing to do with competition. They don’t even have typical exams to check the level of the students. It might seem a bit odd at first to know that competition is not a helpful thing in the education system. Some education pundits call the competition among the world’s top countries as ‘GERM’, Global Education Reform Movement. All the countries in the world want to analyze the other education systems and apply their best aspects in their education system. This competitive spirit doesn’t serve very well when it comes to education.

Importance of Good Teachers

The most important aspect of an education system is the teachers. If the teachers don’t feel financially secure, and well respected, you won’t have many bright minds taking up the teaching as a career. In all the countries that have a sound education system, teaching is considered as an excellent career option. The teachers should be well trained, and only the deserving candidates should get the job of a teacher. The competition should be among the teaching candidates, rather than the students.

Importance of Good Teachers
Importance of Good Teachers

The Effect of Marketization of Education

Competition among different education institutions is also evident in most countries. Every institution wants to show that they’re the best, and students should get into their institution. This marketization of education has affected the education system severely.  If there is one education system throughout the country, and every institution follows it, then there won’t be any competition between the educational institutions. All the education systems are there in place for the students. If the students aren’t happy, then there’s no way that the education system is working. Today, the students remain so much under pressure that they can’t reach their full potential. The students try to secure good marks to get a good job, which is never a good sign in any education system. A student should learn whatever he’s interested in, without any pressure.

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