Taught by Netflix – Part 2


Cooking shows are becoming increasingly popular as the world is starting to think differently about diet. Netflix offers a platter of shows that look into the history, acquisition, preparation and art in the presentation of the food we eat. Its Emmy-nominated show Chef’s Table is a good place to start. Here each episode follows a different master of cuisine as they look into the culture surrounding their chosen regional dishes. Traveling around the globe to come face to face with the authentic flavours and ingredients that make the often forgotten original delicacies, these food historians and innovators showcase foods that many of us in the west are often unaware of. In a similar way Michael Pollen of the show Cooked shows the progression of food in general as he covers the essential elements that have sculpted the way that we cook and enjoy food today. Beginning with fire, he gets prehistoric in Australia as viewers learn about how heat changed the way we eat. From here he takes us to India to see how pot cooking advanced our meals, in Morocco he studies the science behind bread, and finally tackling earth he looks at raw ingredients and fermentation in dishes like Kimchi. For a different kind of show about food, Rotten is
worth a look, here the shady dealings of the food industry come to light in ways that you won’t expect.

Current Culture

With an increasing selection of docuseries, Netflix continues to bring new shows that cover all manner of topics that hone-in on the trends of society today. Shows that put a spotlight on crisis such as The White Helmets and Heroin(E) give bite size previews of what first responders in war zones and those who deal will drug overdoses tackle daily. Icarus and Dirty Money invite you to scrutinize the ongoing corruption that occurs in sports and in banking, revealing information that will no doubt influence the actions of those enlightened by it. Dope shows the process of how illegal drugs enter the system, following drug dealers who import them from overseas, while also shadowing the police officers who are tasked with finding and seizing these exchanges. In contrast Take Your Pills pulls back the curtain on another side of the drug industry – pharmaceuticals. Here drugs that are legal and prescribed by respectable authorities are put under the microscope as the show assesses the methods and exploitation that occurs within this widely trusted environment. For the more artistic viewer, a peek into the world of design comes in the form of abstract. Here pioneers of their field including the king of sneakers Tinker Hatfield, who created the Air Jordan, as well as renowned architect Bjarke Ingels and celebrity photographer Platon show the intricacies of their craft. Learn how they find their inspiration and what drives them to introduce the groundbreaking changes that make their work stand out. An even more helpful and incredibly broad show is Neflix’s Explained. In this short and sweet series that compiles its dense information with info graphics, interested viewers can educate themselves on everything from K-pop and monogamy to E-sports and Astrology. This show is a wonderfully executed example of how Netflix is leading the charge in visually teaching the generation.

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