Putting Literacy and Education on The Forefront – Non-Profit Initiatives

Education and literacy is a fundamental resource all over the world. It helps us determine the lives that we can lead and the skills that can help us commit towards it. In recent times, literacy and education levels around the world, including several developing countries have shown a dramatic increase in the number of students and individuals who are participating in learning whatever the schools can provide. This creates a far higher chance of earning a well-paying job that suits and caters to their abilities.

The Dark Days of Education and Literacy

Before, the progress that the education and literacy system has made with children and individuals around the world was reserved for those who could pay for it. In those times, school education costed a fortune, and most families could not afford a full scholarship for their child. Although it still occurs, the government in most countries, developed and developing alike, agree that education along with literacy skills should be made a right that everyone has access to.

Due to this change in perspective in education, literacy has seen a drastic increase over the last two centuries. Although literacy and education rates are now at an all-time high, many families are unfortunate and are unable to cater to the child’s needs to study and improve their skills, and this causes large amounts of stress and tension among parents. To stop this from occurring and to provide support, included below are a couple of inspiring literacy and education Nonprofit organizations that can teach and educate your child effectively.

Room to Read

This non-profit organization is one that focuses mainly on supporting girls in challenged regions, who wish to learn literature and take part in education systems. This organization cleverly uses ties to local organizations and partners with them, providing the nonprofit organization with resources and support needed to follow its purpose. Room to Read is an organization that can reach across the different elements of education and literacy available. It is also known to construct libraries, classrooms and go as far as to training educators and publish children’s books. This handy organization is bound to be a perfect choice; in fact, it is available in multiple countries around the world, including third world countries such as India and South Africa.


LitWorld is an organization that is solely created and dedicated toward empowering children who are unfortunate with the ability to learn and create careers out of literacy. The goal of this organization is to close the global literacy gap that is ever present and make literacy an aspect that can be enjoyed by everyone no matter their cultural and racial importance or inabilities. They aspire to help at least one million people by 2014, and as a nonprofit organization, they are available in various locations around the world. Kenya, Iraq and Sierra Leona are some places in which this organization is located in.

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