Non-Profits for Youth – Part 2

Khan Academy

A non-profit with a philosophy that believes everyone, everywhere should be entitled to free and high standard education. This online learning platform is bursting with content for learners, adults and teachers to use. They also have Khan for kids which is aimed at enlightening even the youngest of students. Unlike other online education companies, Khan academy has no adverts and no subscriptions to worry about and solely focuses on providing quality information and making it available to all. From kindergarten classes to computer programming and beyond, the tools here are make for a great support structure for anyone lacking. Their later content even ventures into lesser-tackled territory such as the essentials of personal finance and studying entrepreneurship.


The Collaborative for Academic, Social and Emotional Learning aims to put the findings of research in these fields into classrooms. Using data from studies that show an often more hidden side of education, CASEL hope that soon these subsets of skills and emotional behaviours can be taught and nurtured from kindergarten onwards. Their framework consists of five components, self management, self awareness, social awareness, responsible decision making and relationship skills. These competencies are much deeper mental workings that all of us have and have to balance from day to day, so why are they not covered in school curriculum. Teaching children and young adults about these skills will not only make for brighter and better students but also more joyful communities. Lacking in these fields, or even just heavily in one can result in irrational behaviours like criminal activities, therefore awareness and betterment here benefits all. Some of it may seem too liberal for older ‘tougher’ generations, but not being in touch with one’s feelings and even more so, not feeling capable of sharing without consequence has been an unseen burden on millions. CASEL’s scientific and overall human mission looks to do wonders for tomorrow’s more open society.

George Lucas Educational Foundation

From filmmaker and creator of the superlative franchise Star Wars, George Lucas is already responsible put for smiles on the faces of several generations of children. Here, this non-profit hopes to change K-12 education (Kindergarten to Grade 12). In this lengthy and vital part of the school curriculum children are supposed to be given the tools needed to become productive and responsible members of society. Clearly failure here creates a breakdown that can grow to cause great unrest, this is obviously the opposite of the future the George Lucas Educational Foundation hopes for. With their two-fold approach that also uses Edutopia, which is a facility that spotlights innovations and the best practices for educators. Here those struggling to tackle the ever decreasing in attention spans and altering landscape of technology have an expansive resource of new ways to educate. Like its namesake suggests Edutopia aspires to create a future where humanity is at its best thanks to an efficient and contemporary learning system. By using research and catering to creativity and the emotional needs of students as well as the mental barriers, hopefully a utopia of education isn’t far, far away.