Non-Profits for Youth – Part 1

Campaign for Youth Justice

An initiative that’s mission encompasses the entire nation of America, who’s criminal justice system is undoubtedly broken. CFYJ works to fight against the prosecution, sentencing and incarceration of those under the age of 18 who are placed into the adult prison system. Those who are still children often make mistakes and fall on the wrong side of the law due to a number of circumstances. Rehabilitating minors is much different to doing so for adults and what’s even more vital is that they should not be subjected to the conditions of adult prisons. Raising awareness is a huge part of their motivations, as many people are oblivious to some of the disturbing statistics. 95,000 youth are jailed in adult facilities annually, and in 22 states that could mean children as young as 7 can be prosecuted the same way adults are. CFYJ continue to work around the country and around the clock to stop this inequality from continuing into the nation’s future.


This is a growing network of public schools that increase access to those in lower income areas. There is of course a direct correlation between the quality of a student’s environment and how they perform at school and later on in college. Rocketship is driven to closing that divide and in fact hope to completely ‘eliminate the achievement gap in our lifetime’. By creating new schools in areas that are struggling, they increase accessibility for children who would usually have no other option but to have the most basic of tuition. This ‘flower from the concrete’ method is a great way to increase the group mindset of an entire area. As further generations grow with their help, the communities they set foot in will all eventually prosper. With a multicultural focus and a system that handles local issues while catering to individual learning paces, their work has brought knowledge and achievement to thousands already.

Children’s Defense Fund

Based in the America’s capital and founders of their now well-known slogan ‘Leave no child behind’, the CDF covers a range of issues and provides support to not only children but their families and communities. Focusing on those who are often left at the back, this empowering organization has many resources and avenues to help the poor, people of color and the disabled among others. Aiming to find and implement preventative measures that would see issues such as sickness remedied before the child ends up falling out of education, the CDF is an honorable safety net for those who often don’t have one. Supplementing the work, they perform with families; they also lobby to bring social change through activism. Encouraging entire communities to fight for their children’s education in proactive ways, the CDF stands to make a huge change in the educational climate. At a federal and state level they do what they can to make positive changes to tired and discriminatory legislation, so that all children of the future won’t have to fight for a good education the way many have done.