How to Keep Fun Natural

Aimed at a younger audience, this adventure park set in the Norfolk woods aims to be a fun packed day out for the entire family. Set amongst the backdrop of a small lake and built inside a forest, BeWILDerwood is just what you would imagine a giant natural play area would look like. Scattered around the site are tree houses to climb and explore and several bridges to cross all with the safety needed for smaller ones. Slides and huts and climbable objects fill the handful of play areas and riverboat rides bring you closer to the water, but not everything this place has to offer is outdoors luckily, thanks to the usually wet UK climate. Inside a number of shows are hosted daily featuring puppets and actors with interactive bits and pieces to keep kids engaged. All of the features including the ability to stay the night on the premises very nicely keep the theme of outdoors and nature intact. From the very child-friendly language and characters that they endorse (You will hear the words twiggles and boggles often) to the wood climbing frames and colourful but rustic looking interiors. BeWILDerwood carries a feeling that it is good to be out amongst the green come rain or shine and that there is a magical element to all of it that helps continue that child-like wonder.


Located in the ‘Heart of the National Forest’ which others may recognise as Derbyshire, Conkers is a much loved and much praised activity centre that has expanded its scope over its many successful years. The difference between Conkers and other recreational centers is that Conkers has a predominantly educational approach. Used locally for school field trips, the features here can range from passive learning to full on engaging. Inside the hub of their centre is a large walk through exhibit which uses several multimedia methods to provide a fun and varied learning experience. From tactile games, quizzes, videos and more this permanent showcase will keep even the unenthused entertained for a while. But this isn’t all Conkers has to offer, if learning about nature first hand is at the heart of your visit, trained rangers and teachers are at hand to personally guide anyone interested through their many in house projects. Thanks to being in an active forest area the amount of wildlife available to Conkers fails to diminish, because of this many of the animals they are nurturing and studying become available for guests to examine. At the end of what may have been a lot for younger children to absorb, the outside of Conkers is its play area. Catch a small train through the woods and arrive at the large bark floored area with swings and roundabouts galore. Conkers also has an outdoor assault course which, although may not be suitable for the little ones makes for a fun challenge for any teens or adults who believe they have got what it takes. If you want your kids to acquire an interest in all things nature, Conkers is a gre

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