Free Education for The Masses

In 2018 one of the most forward-thinking careers would be one in computing, since already devices dominate many aspects of our lives. But behind every great program is good code, and the world is always in need of more of them. Code has kid friendly learning tools that will allow children to start coding at an entry level most children will be capable of. Online classes help progression, while keeping the learning curve steady. This is a great free option for anyone wanting to learn the basics.


Much like Code this site is eager to teach more and more people the skill of coding. This time though it is less based around children and aims more at young adults and those hoping to acquire a new talent. With helpful tools like a live practice window that helps you work while referencing the lessons you’ve learned along the way, Codeacademy should not be daunting for anyone looking to learn. Its lessons, modules and courses monitor your growing abilities and seamlessly flow from one lesson to the next once you are capable. Teenagers and adults interested in computing should head straight to Codeacademy to get started today.


Apple have been leading the way for innovations in hardware and software for years no, so its no surprise that the people who brought us iTunes have a finger in every pie. Designed for ease of use on both iPhone and iPad screens this free app opens up new opportunities to teachers and students. With the ability to create lesson plans, assignments and essentially make a multimedia workshop all from one place, this useful and flexible tool is perfect for teaching kids who are eager to do anything as long as it involves a screen. Anyone planning to set up a lesson here will be happy to know that attachments are welcome, whether that be PDF files, photos, podcasts or more. Also, the ability to easily filter and find individuals helps track progress at the click of a button, iTunesU is a great tool for teachers, and for those who simply wish to learn the app allows access to free videos and lectures from top ranking universities too.


From the people responsible for the hundreds of great speeches and videos available on line – TED (Technology, Entertainment and Design), comes a more engaging method for learning. Guided by the very same talks given by experts and leading developers all over the globe, these lessons expand on the subject matter within. With multiple choice and open answer questions, the site really encourages you to stew in the information you have just soaked in. Further learning is available too as is the ability to discuss the topic openly with a community of like-minded thinkers. The well-presented and interesting topics and complimentary lessons here should keep anyone curious in their teens and above interested in a good while. This site is a great place to casually stumble upon new facts and learn about a broad palette of subject matter in a way that will stick with you a little longer than usual.