Free Education for The Masses – Part 2

This site is a top-ranking name when it comes to online courses, not just because of its impressive catalogue but because it is partnered with a multitude of Colleges and universities around the globe. Coursera features high quality learning material led by some of the world’s greatest doctors, professors and other elite experts. With clear guides to what you will expect to learn to the duration of the course, Coursera gives you all the information you need to get started. On top of that unlike college coursework, your deadlines are flexible which means you can fit them in around your own schedule. Their site is streamline and easy to navigate for anyone with even the basics of computer literacy. It looks (and indeed is) professional and has the gloss of a high-end institution, which will have those who are looking for genuine further education to rest easy. Learning online here makes you question why you didn’t do it sooner and why we need classrooms at all.


With courses on all manner of subjects Udemy boasts a varied and expansive library. With the ability to build custom courses and learn at your own pace by moving to whichever lesson you deem most important, the interface and flexibility here is great and easy to use. The thing that makes Udemy a little different than the platforms full of university lectures and such is that anybody can upload courses. This makes a great opportunity for anyone who wants to teach. This also means that the courses can be very specific, offering tutorials in corners of certain professions that other sites just wont have. Several Udemy courses supplement their lessons with the option to join Facebook groups and other social network clusters. This is a great way to meet others at your learning level and have friends and new acquaintances keep you accountable for your progress. Though Udemy does also have courses that are paid, they also often have huge sales on which reduce prices down to rates which are much more manageable.


This site is a fantastic hub for learning with one great advantage over its competitors – it also provides certification. Study a course in business, science, technology or any other of their immense range of topics and you can earn your way to a diploma and other credits that will look fantastic on your CV. With hours of content to get stuck into this database of learning has various routes for you to take. For example, their learning paths are blocks of educational content formed around more defined subjects in certain fields. Some of these will give you a much better sense of the material in any given field, others will tackle more advanced criteria. Many of these courses alone take over 16 hours to reach completion and so are by no means comparable to a 15-minute Youtube tutorial. Alison’s somewhat dense but highly useful resources are unquestionably useful for anyone on a small budget who is desperate to expand their mind and have something to show for it.