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Education is an essential human right. Not only is having quality education key to developing a wholesome existence as an individual, but a good education is vital for a person to make the most of available opportunities in society such as having access to better careers and financial stability. However, according to studies conducted by the Scientific and Cultural Organization under the United Nations, more than 600 million children are achieving only the minimum levels of proficiency in their education. In addition, a third of children worldwide are out-of-school youth, and 9 out of 10 children in developing countries are not even reaching the minimum proficiency in literacy and arithmetic.

Because of this global issue, the role of dedicated foundations for education like the Acronis Foundation is very significant at present.

What is the Acronis Foundation?

The foundation is an extended arm of a cyber protection company called Acronis. The company is led and founded by Serguei Beloussov. Over the years since the company’s beginnings, Beloussov changed his company’s brand gradually. By 2018, he announced the birth of the Acronis Foundation and its dedication to giving children across the world access to knowledge through providing protected internet service. Through this, children can have a better opportunity of improving their lives. The foundation supports schools globally through financial support so that the schools’ facilities and equipment could be upgraded. They also provide basic necessities and bring in volunteers to help build new school buildings.

What is the Acronis Foundation?
What is the Acronis Foundation?

Acronis Foundation’s Essential Beliefs

The essential belief of the foundation is that knowledge should be made available to all by making it more accessible. As a nonprofit organization, their goal is to be a part of creating awareness that would benefit future generations, spreading knowledge that could be of help to all humanity, and protect knowledge by serving as its ambassador. The Acronis Foundation believes that knowledge should be protected as it is essential to the future. It is also essential for society building as knowledge can correct the mistakes of the past and develop a new understanding of the present. The foundation views education as humankind’s most important adventure – one of the essential journeys that he has to undergo through for self-development. Lastly, regardless of culture, background, or race, Acronis seeks to empower all people with knowledge.

Present Achievements

The Acronis Foundation has been very active in combatting the problems and issues concerned with education globally. At present, they have already established six schools in various countries across the globe such as Cambodia, Myanmar, Peru, Tanzania, Senegal, and Lebanon. A new school will be opened in August 2019 in Guatemala.

Other than building schools and sending volunteers to communities, the Acronis company involves its employees as well in the vital work of the foundation. Each employee is encouraged to give a week of their time to lend a hand in repairing or building schools. They can sign up for the projects in coordination with BuildOn. While serving in the communities, they are also given an opportunity to learn from the local families and their culture.

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